Lots of people visit our site without knowing what the heck this Toolkit is in the first place. Our homepage has a thorough description of what this tool can be used for. We offer this information to our readers for free. Though the original developer TeamDAZ has all the credits to this software, they haven’t made it very easy to find. People often search the web and try to find the right install file. Often people question about how legitimate the application is. Maybe due to the fact that this software can perform actions which are not that ethical, therefore TeamDAZ doesn’t fancy about that much attention. It’s only a good thing if web properties like ours spread the word about this good software. Though we cannot, and won’t take credits for developing this program, we can surely distribute our own ideas and experience.

Microsoft Toolkit is of course free to anyone to download. If any website wants you to subscribe or pay money, then it’s a questionable web source. If you need more information about the Toolkit and its options, there are lots of tutorials on Youtube and other parts of the Internet. We have brought out all necessary and important facts about MS Toolkit on our homepage right here. Before using our website we suggest you read the Terms, Privacy and in case you need, you are welcome to contact our team.